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would you like to ask me something?   I am an escapist. . I dream & dream & dream. Im a lover most days i dont fight i kill.. kill it with kisses... sometimes. I don't take much seriously. You want thing-a-ma-bobs I got plenty. Life's fun & its pretty much like...hazy days..ya know? I'll never be younger than I am right now.


Thelma & Louise | 1991 | dir. Ridley Scott

Watching a movie for the first time while already knowing the ending can sometimes create for a taxing experience, but in this case, knowing the ending helps you feel the descent of Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) more strongly, and because Davis and Sarandon are so good in their roles and because the hardships their characters go through are so terrible, you continuously root for them, and even applaud them during this final tragic scene. 


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"I can’t abandon
the person I used to be
so I carry her"
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"I found god in myself, and I loved her fiercely."

 Ntozake Shange

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Straight boys like “lets threesome” but can’t even please one woman

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Ilustrations by the incredible Carol Rossetti check her out and follow her here! http://carolrossettidesign.tumblr.com/

Shout out to carolrossettidesign for what is an incredible collection of artwork.

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